Since 1997, Ryan and Julie Hickey have been helping people get outside and enjoy the roads, trails, rivers, creeks and Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. As the owners of Easton Cycle and Sport in Easton, Maryland, they outfit customers with the appropriate bike, kayak, or canoe to match their personal adventures.

At a time when companies are directing their sales online, Easton Cycle and Sport meets its customers face to face. The business is a community success story, rooted in Talbot County. Everyone who buys a bike or a boat there knows Ryan. As cited on his license plate, he is known on the Eastern Shore as the: “BIKEMAN.”  They call him with questions, for advice, or to let him know what they’ve been doing. 

There is the couple, who each lost 50 pounds, after buying a pair of kayaks and using them five nights a week. There are the fathers and sons who rent bikes together, as well as grandparents who come in for bikes for visiting grandchildren.
For more than 20 years, Easton Cycle and Sport has been cultivating an active outdoor community. It is the premier venue in the region for bikes and paddle sports. 

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Community Involvment

Easton Cycle and Sport is not just located in Talbot County, it is an integral part of the community. As parents and business owners, Ryan and Julie Hickey are active in education and youth sports, from volunteering their time, helping with events, to supplying bikes, equipment, and gift certificates for fundraisers.